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Boy Scout Troup 52 worked on removing the bush honeysuckle bushes from Centennial Park.

IMG_2175 IMG_2185 IMG_2189

This is Boy Scout Troup 52 who planted the monarch stations at at Wolf Branch and High Mount schools this weekend.

IMG_2142IMG_2140 (2)IMG_2141


The first of the 3 Monarch Butterfly Stations installed. The Girl Scout Troup from Whiteside school did the planting.

High Mount and Wolf Branch Schools will be the location of the other 2 Monarch Butterfly Stations. Enjoy!

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To provide high-quality, cost-effective recreational experiences for the residents and visitors of St. Clair Township.

Department Description:

St. Clair Township currently has four active recreation areas within the Township.

  • Loop Creek Park is approximately 5 acres situated near the sewerage treatment plant in the Lincolnshire subdivision. The park consists of a Tennis Court, Baseball Diamond, Roller Blade Rink and playground equipment for the younger visitor to the park.

  • Centennial Park is located at¬†Richland Creek and North Belt East (Route 161). The area is a nature park with walking trails on both sides of the creek as well as an asphalt trail on the west side of the creek. Individual covered picnic tables are available off the parking lot area.

  • At Warrior Drive, a tennis court was recently added by the Whiteside Middle School. This was constructed with the cooperation of the Whiteside School Board and is available to the public when not being used for school activities.